Strategic counsel with multidisciplinary perspective.

int/ext Communications is a team of seasoned experts with a range of different backgrounds. We encourage a lively exchange of views and information within the team as this benefits our clients' projects. We advise you at eye level while never losing sight of the big picture. / Our team


As the exclusive Swiss partner of PROI Worldwide, we also draw on the global expertise of our network in 50 countries. / Our network of partners


Our partners and consultants

Marcel Trachsel

PhD, Founder and Partner

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Studied natural sciences at the University of Bern while working as a freelance journalist. Postdoctoral fellowship at the University of Toronto. Scientific Media Relations officer and spokesperson for Sandoz Ltd. Head of Marketing and Communications at Sandoz Technology Ltd. Founded the agency in 1993.

Languages: German, English and French.
+41 (0)61 264 88 05


Claudia Bracher Wolfensberger

Certified PR Consultant, Partner


Training with a focus on marketing and corporate communications. After several years in media marketing, held various managerial tasks in the logistics sector. Head of Corporate Communications at Deutsche Post (Switzerland) and Rhenus Alpina. Lecturer and expert for various Swiss federal diploma examinations in the field of communications. With int/ext Communications since 2007.

Languages: German, English and French.
+41 (0)61 264 84 11

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Martin Huschke

M.A. (lic. phil. I), Partner

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Studied German literature, linguistics and media sciences at the University of Basel while freelancing as a copywriter, journalist and lecturer. Project manager and Head of Marketing and Sales in a scientific publishing house. Expert and lecturer in communications at SPRI (Swiss PR Institute). With int/ext Communications since 1996.

Languages: German, English and French.
+41 (0)61 264 88 08


Michael Felber

M.A. HSG, Partner


Studied business administration with focus on media and communications management at the University of St. Gallen. Brief initial stint with int/ext as junior consultant, followed by an extended stay in the USA working in product management and sales at the Red Herring events and publishing group. Most recently responsible for corporate and marketing communications at Swiss software companies Whitestein Technologies and Expersoft Systems for several years. With int/ext since 2011.

Languages: German, English and French.
+41 (0)61 264 88 07

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Peter Felber

Theologian, Certified PR Consultant, Senior Advisor

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Studied theology at the University of Basel. Local Minister and Secretary of the cantonal church board in Schaffhausen for several years while also active in PR. Then Head of the Media Relations department of the reformed church of Basel city before qualifying as certified PR consultant. With int/ext Communications from 1996 – 2011. Rejoined in 2016 as Senior Advisor.

Languages: German, English and French.
+41 (0)61 264 84 16


Martina Beranek

M.A. (lic. phil. I), Certified PR Specialist, Senior Consultant


Studied Russian philology and French linguistics/literature at the University of Basel. After obtaining a master’s degree, worked several years as a Public Relations Coordinator at Mepha Pharma. PR specialist with Federal PET diploma. Recently responsible for communications at the University Children’s Hospital in Basel. With int/ext Communications since 2015.

Languages: German, French, English, Russian; Czech, Spanish and Portuguese (spoken).

+41 (0)61 264 88 03

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Emanuel Schmid

MA, Consultant

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Master studies of communications and sociology at university of Basel. Work in marketing and communication at ProgrammZeitung, Moralive and zoeTanz. Post-graduation communications internship at the Office of External Affairs and Marketing of the Canton of Basel-Stadt. Communications specialist at With int/ext Communications since 2020.

Languages: German, English and French.
+41 (0)61 264 88 09


Sven Gautschi

MA, Junio Consultant

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Master studies of history and political science at University of Lucerne and Université du Québec à Montréal. Work in customer service and onboarding at Medgate Switzerland and in online marketing at Digital Minds. Post-graduation freelance journalist at the Basellandschaftliche Zeitung (bz) daily as well as work in communications at University Children’s Hospital of Basel (UKBB). With int/ext Communications since 2022.

Languages: German, English and French.

+41 (0)61 264 88 09

Nicole Trachsel

Editor and Project Assistant


Diploma in commercial education. Many years of experience as an executive assistant, most recently in the Department for Economic Development of the Canton of Bern. For six years secretary of the PR Association of Northwestern Switzerland. With int/ext Communications since 1996.

Languages: German, English and French.
+41 (0)61 264 88 04

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Our network

As an agile consulting company with full-service support, we work closely with the internal teams of our clients and specialized agencies.


Worldwide hands-on support:
exclusive Swiss partner of PROI Worldwide

int/ext Communications is the exclusive Swiss partner of PROI Worldwide, the largest global network of independent agencies. PROI Worldwide connects 78 partner agencies with over 100 offices in 50 countries and regions. Whoever works with a PROI Worldwide agency has one contact person - but benefits from the reach of all members. In this way, the network supports its clients in communication, reputation management and thought-leadership.


Europe and the USA:

Joint Venture with G&S Business Communications

Through a joint venture int/ext is managing the European business of G&S Business Communications, one of America's most distinguished independent communications agencies.

G&S Business Communications is a partner agency of int/ext in the PROI Worldwide network and has offices in New York, Chicago and Raleigh (North Carolina).

Thanks to the joint venture, clients of int/ext and G&S Business Communications benefit from the extensive expertise of the partners in both the European and American markets.