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We help you navigate the world of reputation

int/ext helps companies, organizations and executives achieve goals and mitigate risks through state-of-the-art reputation management.

How we help you build a strong reputation

How we manage stakeholders and issues for you

How we help you weather a crisis and protect your reputation

At int/ext, we take a comprehensive approach to reputation management by assessing the current standing of your organization and identifying key goals and stakeholders. We locate the groups and topics that are crucial to your success, and consider potential scenarios to uncover opportunities while keeping an eye out for risks. Our advisory team works closely with you to execute effective plans that drive positive change, also in key areas such as sustainability and CSR or public affairs.

Companies that work with us are convinced of the potential of a strong reputation

A Man and a woman participating in a radio show

A strong reputation is not a nice-to-have, but a critical success factor

Use reputation management as a strategic competitive advantage and achieve important goals:

  • Raise the profile and positioning of the company and its C-suite

  • Build strong relationships with key stakeholders

  • Ensure trustworthiness and social license

  • Increasing attractiveness in the competition for talent and capital

  • Better chance of delivering major projects

  • Greater robustness and resilience  to cope with change and crises

Are you interested in an analysis?​

Experienced reputation and communication professionals navigate you to success

We help companies, organizations and leaders to act and communicate with confidence. Especially when important things are at stake.

We look forward to getting to know you and your organization

Reputation Management is our focus

int/ext focuses on consulting and implementation support around reputation building and reputation protection. In doing so, we draw on a wealth of experience in areas such as corporate communications, (crisis) PR, risk communications, public affairs and sustainability communications (CSR & ESG), as well as proven approaches from change management, stakeholder management, risk management, organizational development and crisis management.  If other specialist competencies are required, we draw on additional expertise from our national or global network as needed.

Strategy and implementation from a single source

You are looking for a strategically thinking consulting team that is also strong in implementation. We support you in developing clear strategies and implement them for you or together with your team.

Trustworthy advice at eye level

From the very beginning, we ensure that you are supported by the appropriate professionals from our team. This means that you communicate at all times with the contact persons you are familiar with.

Flexible solutions tailored to your goals, needs and resources

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