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Scaling the Rocks

Reputation Risk & Issues Management

What risks does your reputation need to be at least one step ahead of?

Through strategic management of reputation risks and systematic issues management, we help you identify gaps between expectations and performance, defuse explosive issues and avert crises.


For too many companies and organizations, a true reputation crisis is the decisive wake-up call. The best time to prevent reputational damage, however, is before a crisis hits.

Our services in the management of reputational risks and issues

Development of 360° risk & 
issue register

Active management of critical issues
for crisis prevention

Planning and implementation of internal and external measures to mitigate reputational risks

Reputation risk &
issue monitoring

Reputational risks are part of the cost of doing business

"Take the plunge and hope for the best" or "look at the big picture and move forward"?

Organizations are increasingly considering reputational risk as a top-tier strategic risk. In most cases, responsibility for this lies with the CEO or the Board of Directors.

Innovations, changes and large-scale projects carry their own risks for reputation. int/ext can help you to make blind spots in your reputation risk management visible in order to take away the explosive power of issues and impending crises.


Those who conscientiously take precautions significantly increase their chances of success – regardless of whether there is tailwind or headwind. Without careful risk management, however, a strong reputation is a matter of luck.

In a 24/7 media world, rumors and mistakes spread instantly

Stakeholders and the media are becoming increasingly critical of organizations' words and actions. Reputationa risks inevitably arise when the actions of an organization do not meet the expectations of its stakeholders.

It is state of the art to actively manage reputational risks and issues

Because even organizations engaged in high-exposure activities should – and can – build up a remarkable reputation.


How can we do this together with you? We look for opportunities to strategically manage risks and issues, giving you an edge in the reputational competition.

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Who are our reputation risk & issue management clients?

Companies and their governing bodies often turn to us when they

  • have already experienced a crisis wake-up call (it may have gone well once, but it can't happen again)

  • operate in a highly regulated or sensitive industry with stringent risk management and crisis preparedness requirements

  • are personally connected to your organization's reputation, e.g., family-owned businesses or foundations

  • See reputation as a core value of their brand and need a strategy that builds credibility, creates opportunities, and lowers risk

  • Want to step out of the shadows of a reactive mindset and want an experienced team of experts at their side to do so


Do you know where you are particularly exposed? Together we minimize the vulnerability of your organization and achieve reputation gains.

Would you like to know more about working with int/ext?

We'd love to talk to you about how we could work together.

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