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Public Affairs for the Basel Area

As an agency for public affairs consulting that has been rooted in the Basel region for 30 years, we not only see your business, but also understand the relevant stakeholders and framework conditions. This is how we help projects, transformations and investments succeed.

Our public affairs approach combines careful analysis, tactical engagement and strong communication. We help you formulate your message, strengthen your stakeholder relationships and strengthen your position in the challenging political environment in the Basel Area.

Our services in the field of public affairs

Stakeholder analysis and engagement

Development of positions and messaging

Monitoring political developments and trends

Campaign planning and implementation

Public Affairs Stakeholder Analyse
Public Affairs Monitoring

Stakeholder analysis and systematic stakeholder engagement

Instead of just managing competition and conflicts of interest, stakeholder management should create win-win situations wherever possible. We conduct stakeholder analysis to identify the key Basel Area and national players of relevance to your objectives and to uncover their perceptions and attitudes. On this basis, our team develops a consistent stakeholder engagement strategy.

  • Identification and prioritization of key actors

  • Definition of the stakeholder engagement strategy

  • Conception and implementation of measures for the active involvement of important stakeholders

  • Lobbying in politics, authorities and NGOs

Policy monitoring

We monitor political developments and trends in the Basel Area and beyond to identify potential risks and opportunities for your organization. We keep ourselves up to date with changes in relevant political frameworks, regulations and political events.

  • Identification and monitoring of political developments and trends

  • Assessment of risks and opportunities

  • Updating in the event of changes in political framework conditions, regulations and events

Public affairs strategy and positioning 

We work with you to develop a strategy and narrative. We help you formulate and refine understandable key messages that resonate with your stakeholders.

  • Development of public affairs strategies

  • Develop compelling and engaging narratives

  • Identification of key messages and arguments

Conception and implementation of campaigns and measures in the context of public affairs

Your public affairs campaigns will benefit from our experience, networks and resources. Our team takes on the conception and implementation of all measures such as position papers, language regulations/Q&A, media briefings, presentations, advertising material or events. 

  • Development of convincing position papers 

  • Planning and implementation of media work 

  • Implementation of effective communication measures in the public and digital arena
  • Planning and implementation of forums and events

Public Affairs Strategie
Public Affairs Massnahmen

We are happy to hear from you

Contact us and talk to us about how our strategy consulting and implementation for public affairs can help you to achieve your goals in the Basel Area.

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