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Consulting and Communication for Sustainability, CSR & ESG 

At a time when sustainable and socially responsible action is becoming increasingly important, int/ext supports your organization in understanding expectations, formulating goals and communicating progress in an attractive way.

Are you taking your first steps in sustainability reporting or would you like to realign your current path? Then we will be happy to support you. We advise you with strategic consulting services and support you in communicating with all stakeholders. 

Our services for Sustainability and CSR

Development of strategies for sustainability & social responsibility

Sustainability, CSR and ESG reports according to national or international standards

Concepts and tactics for
sustainability communication

Internal CSR programs
Change management and communication


Individual strategies for sustainability, social responsibility and corporate governance 

Together with your team, we develop tailor-made strategies with a focus on ESG, CSR or sustainability and support you in implementing them in your daily work. We ensure that these are based on established standards and strengthen the future viability and reputation of your company.


In close cooperation with the experts and stakeholders of your organization that are critical to success, we support you in the following areas:

  • Stakeholder analysis and development of stakeholder platforms

  • Monitoring of competition and politics

  • Impact and materiality assessments

  • Workshops for goal and strategy development

  • Development and support of sustainability measures (for technical matters we work closely with experienced partner companies)

  • Consulting and strategy development in the field of public affairs

Strategically aligned sustainability communication

How do you inspire your stakeholders as you move forward on your sustainability and social responsibility journey?Credible and transparent communication is key. We support you in all process steps by developing and implementing a targeted communication strategy for sustainability, CSR or ESG together with you. We convey your messages clearly and effectively using suitable channels. Our services include:

  • Concepts and implementation of measures for internal and external corporate communication

  • Evaluation and monitoring of opportunities and threats in reputation management or reputation risk management

  • Position papers, talking points and Q&As

  • Story and content development

  • Positioning of experts and leaders

  • Media relations

  • Conception and writing of sustainability reports  and fact sheets

Creation of sustainability reports or CSR/ESG reports

On January 1, 2022, new provisions in the Code of Obligations and corresponding implementing provisions came into force. These determine the extent to which Swiss companies must be accountable for their responsibilities. With the Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD) in 2021, EU legislation on non-financial reporting was also significantly expanded.

int/ext supports you in presenting your progress in the area of sustainability/CSR/ESG in a comprehensible and attractive way - from conception and editing to layout. This includes writing meaningful and technically correct content for your sustainability reports based on recognized standards such as the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI). For quantitative reporting, we work closely with your internal specialists and specialized partner companies.​

Internal transformation for sustainability and social responsibility

Coherent internal programs and change communication anchor your CSR or sustainability strategy throughout the organization. They increase employees' awareness and win them over as supporters and ambassadors of the desired change.

We support you in the design and implementation of change processes, for example by advising your company's "Green Team". In addition, we work with you to develop concepts for social commitment or corporate volunteering in order to promote awareness and participation of your employees in sustainability initiatives.


Investing purposefully in the future

If you would like to chat about our experience and ideas in the area of sustainability strategy and reporting, we would be happy to hear from you.

Companies that work with us are convinced of the potential of a strong reputation

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