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Reputation Management

Do you have a strategy for your reputation management - or will it be fine?

int/ext develops and implements reputation, stakeholder and public affairs strategies for companies, non-profit organizations, foundations, educational institutions and public authorities.

Stakeholders, key opinion leaders and important decision-makers should support your future plans. You want your organization to have a coherent profile and be properly positioned in the marketplace. You also want to attract the best talent and capital with minimal risk premiums.

We actively support you in building sustainable relationships with key stakeholders and establishing a resilient, positive reputation in a sustainable manner, according to a strategic plan. Likewise, we help you anticipate, prioritize and mitigate reputational risks.  

Our Reputation Management Services

Reputation analysis
Reputation and issue monitoring

Planning and implementation
of reputational measures

Reputation strategy

Reputation advisory for senior leadership

Reputation protection

24/7 crisis communication support

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Reputation Strategy
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Reputation Assessment

Weak content or a lack of media presence are usually not the root causes of an unsatisfactory reputation. Nevertheless, organizations and agencies are largely racking their brains over tactical measures - and thus focusing their resources on the wrong problem.

How do we enhance and protect your organization's reputation? A first step is an action-oriented check - as a starting point or as a stress test. How is your company positioned in the market, how does it communicate, how is it perceived? Where are the differences between the expectations of critical stakeholders and the actual performance of your company? Where are the opportunities and risks for your reputation online and offline?


This is usually followed by a well-founded inventory of the perceptions and expectations of important stakeholder groups. On this basis, together with you, we identify the specific drivers of your reputation and define goals relevant to success.

Strategic consulting for management bodies and communication functions in reputation management

Does your reputation merely get by or is it alive? Strategic reputation management is a worthwhile investment in the core business and creates value. A weak reputation hampers growth sooner or later.

Our approach focuses on the two biggest challenges that organizations often fail at when it comes to reputation management:

  1. In the long run, reputation can only be built on facts. We are honest with you and work in a solution-oriented manner where there is a need for action. Our aim is for your actions to resonate with stakeholders and create trust.

  2. Reputation management is a continuous process. We therefore do not simply run a campaign, but focus on the consistent further development of your reputation - whether with your own efforts or with our support.

Implementation and ongoing optimization of measures and campaigns

We develop a reputation management plan for you that combines all elements into a whole, yet is flexible enough to respond in a timely manner to current events and changing reputation risks.

What can you expect from us? During implementation, we jointly optimize existing measures and realize new initiatives. Whether it's coherent CSR or ESG narratives for your corporate communications, classic PR, public affairs and media work, thought leadership content for your own and social media, or dialogue-promoting platforms in strategic stakeholder engagement: if desired, we can take the lead or supplement your in-house resources with consulting and implementation know-how. In case of acute reputation crises also 24/7.

Reputation tracking and reporting

Reputation changes not only due to the impact of our joint engagement in reputation management, but also due to discourses about your brand, hot issues in the industry or activities of your competitors.

How do you keep your finger on the pulse? We periodically monitor and evaluate the perception of your organization in the relevant public. The reporting contains insights and recommendations that enable continuous improvement.

Reputatin Management Konzept und Massnahmen

Companies that work with us are convinced of the potential of a strong reputation

Investing in your reputation with confidence

What next? It depends on you.

I am looking for support

If your reputation management could benefit from our perspective, we'd love to hear from you.

I want to know more

If you would like to learn more about how int/ext can help you invest specifically in your organization's reputation, find out more about how we work.

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