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Crisis Management & Crisis Communication

As a responsible leader, you personally vouch for your organization's crisis management ... right?


int/ext makes senior leadership and their teams fit for emergencies and always keeps an eye on the reputation of your organization. We develop crisis plans, train managers and media spokespersons, practice with you in realistic crisis training sessions and support you with 24/7 on-call crisis communication if required.

Leaders who recognize the critical role of reputation protection do not rely on their talent for improvisation. Because every crisis is a stress test for the reputation of an organization.

Your experienced advisors in crisis situations

Our team knows crises not only from textbooks. With almost 30 years of experience, we can help you put crisis management tailored to your risk profile into practice.

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When it's urgent: immediate help in crisis management and crisis communication

Organizations are exposed to an unprecedented mix of social, cultural, economic and political risks. Threats range from familiar scenarios such as production breakdowns or extreme weather phenomena, to operational accidents, ethics conflicts and illegal acts, to threats from social media shitstorms and devastating cyber attacks.

  • We advise and coach leaders in strategic crisis management

  • We advise your communication function on effective immediate actions towards controlling the narrative

  • We provide additional specialized resources for crisis communications

  • We look for blind spots in your communication, identify risks, develop scenarios, and act as an objective sparring partner

Our expertise in crisis management and crisis communication

stress tests &
crisis simultations

24/7 crisis communication support

Debriefing & improvement of crisis management teams

Krisenmanagemen Audit

Our 360° service before, during and after a crisis

Before the crisis: Our crisis management audit creates clarity

Are your crisis playbooks up to date and known to every member of the crisis management organization? In an audit we evaluate existing operational protocols, resources, technologies and training.

The result is a report that ranks the effectiveness of your crisis organization and provides specific recommendations for further development. Based on this, we decide together on the actions points to best prepare your organization for potential crises and implement them step-by-step.

Our online tool: Is your organization ready to survive a real crisis?

Fill out our checklist. You will immediately receive an initial individual report on the maturity level of your organization's crisis management. The tool is only available in German at this time.

Crisis Preparedness: Stress tests for your team with crisis exercises and realistic simulations

Crisis management is not your organization's day-to-day business. However, when a threat develops, it is critical that your team displays the necessary confidence and experience in leadership and communication.

Clearly documented responsibilities, procedures and tools, hands-on training and realistic crisis exercises are the best way to prepare for different scenarios. Change management measures in governance, compliance and corporate culture are also important aspects of an organization's crisis resilience. 

Among others, we have many years of experience with:

  • Table-top exercises on-site, hybrid or virtual with simulated stakeholders (60-120 minutes)

  • Real-world crisis team exercises with real or simulated interfaces to key stakeholders (>120 minutes)

  • Crisis communication trainings incl. social media simulations

  • Camera and media training for crisis teams

  • Leadership and protocol training for crisis teams

24/7 on-call crisis support from int/ext

Do you want to rely mainly on your orgnaization's own resources in a crisis? Our preparedness process will make everyone fit for duty and give you the certainty that you are as well prepared as possible.

However, many organizations do not have the resources or experience to cover all eventualities. Here we can step in.

int/ext has advised numerous exposed individuals, companies and organizations in real crisis situations. We know how to take responsibility for actions while protecting your reputation from unnecessary damage. And we provice pragmatic and constructive advice on how to behave towards key stakeholders and the public.

Making the most of the post-crisis period: continuous improvement in reputation risk management

The best time to avert reputational damage is before the next potential crisis. Use the lessons learned from extraordinary events to identify gaps on the risk radar and weaknesses in your organization's crisis preparedness. 

int/ext can also support you with extensive practical experience in Reputation Risk and Issues Management.

Krisenpikett Kommunikation
Krisenstab training

Navigate crises safely with our know-how

What next? Be prepared and protect your reputation.

I would like a non-binding initial meeting with int/ext

If you are looking for crisis management expertise and a proven path to preparedness, we would be happy if you contact us.

I don't know what I need yet

If you're still evaluating how we could assist you in this critical area, learn how we work.

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