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Our core competence: building, strengthening and protecting reputation

We are strategy consultants who get stuck in. How can we support you?

How we help to build a strong reputation

We work with organizations, senior executives and government agencies to develop a reputation that fits. Using proven strategies and tools from corporate communications, PR, public affairs and change communications, we position brands and personalities for long-term stability with key stakeholders.

How we manage critical stakeholders and issues

Reputation is becoming an increasingly important aspect of risk management.  Companies that correctly identify risks and issues and act strategically avoid negative headlines, reputational damage and crises. We help you ensure that business decisions and active reputation management are aligned in the short and long term.

How we strengthen crisis management and communication

Since 1994, we have been assisting companies that want to stress test and increase their crisis preparedness and document it for risk management purposes. Whether it's an operational incident, cyberattack, compliance issue or social media shitstorm, we develop adequate internal resources for you and train and exercise your crisis organization. In case of emergency, we support you 24/7 in crisis communication.

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