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Successful public affairs: How we use reputation as a multiplier for public affairs

In today's business world, a good reputation is essential to be successful. Public affairs and reputation management go hand in hand, enabling companies to exert both political and economic influence.

Reputation management goes beyond traditional PR and image management. A good reputation can open doors, build trust and cultivate relationships, while a poor reputation can have the opposite effect. Public affairs is about achieving political goals and influencing decision makers. Reputation management helps optimize these goals and increase their effectiveness.

Defining goals: setting targets for public affairs

We start our collaboration by working with you to define clear goals for your public affairs activities. In doing so, we ensure that your goals are aligned with the expectations and needs of your target audiences and that your messages are adapted accordingly to strengthen and maintain your reputation.

Target group analysis: Knowing who your public affairs target groups are

To get to know your target groups better, we analyze how they think about you and what they expect from you. We identify relevant stakeholders and maintain regular and transparent communication with them. The goal is to create added value for your stakeholders and to offer solutions and benefits to improve your reputation among your target groups.

Strategy development: A public affairs roadmap for success

Based on your goals and target groups, we develop a clear strategy for your public affairs activities. We use a wide range of communication channels and formats and leverage the power of digital media to strengthen your reputation as an opinion leader.

Implementation: Campaign planning and execution

To successfully implement your public affairs strategy, we plan and implement customized campaigns. We select the appropriate channels and formats for communication and use the possibilities of digital media to enhance your reputation:

  • Media relations: Targeted approach of media professionals and publication of media releases to enhance your reputation in the public eye.

  • Events: Organizing conferences, roundtables or panel discussions to strengthen your reputation as an expert in your topic area.

  • Lobbying: Targeted approach of policy makers and key opinion leaders to establish your reputation as a trustworthy partner in political decision-making processes.

  • Social media: Using platforms such as Twitter, LinkedIn or Facebook to interact and spread messages to underline your reputation as an innovation and opinion leader.

  • Publications: Producing studies, white papers or blogs to position yourself as an opinion leader and enhance your reputation in your topic area.

  • Alliances: Building partnerships and collaborations to jointly achieve goals and solidify your reputation as a trusted partner.

  • Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR): Developing initiatives that highlight the company's social and environmental commitment and strengthen your reputation as a responsible corporate citizen.

We coordinate your internal and external activities and avoid contradictions or conflicts. We regularly evaluate the strategy and adapt it to changing conditions to ensure that your reputation is further strengthened among your target groups.

Measuring success: Making success visible

To prove the effectiveness of your public affairs activities, we define clear and measurable goals and indicators for your success and review them regularly. We report on these successes internally and externally and celebrate them appropriately. And we use your successes to plan and build on broader public affairs activities to improve your reputation over the long term.

Are you looking for a public affairs agency in Basel?

As a public affairs agency in the Basel Area, we understand local and regional specifics. If you would like to learn more about how we can help you in Northwestern Switzerland leverage your reputation as a force for more successful public affairs, contact us today. We look forward to hearing from you and helping you achieve your goals.


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