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Shaping digital transformation in the enterprise

Emanuel Schmid, Consultant

Digital technologies and solutions are increasingly finding their way into the daily lives of all of us. Companies are also investing in their digital transformation to stay competitive.

Social media, Big Data, cloud services, smart devices, Internet of Things or Blockchain: modern technologies are shaping our lives, our society and the economy. New habits and needs are emerging, requirements and expectations are changing. To stay on the ball, companies must adapt existing processes and business models, develop them further or replace them with new ones. But how do companies shape their digital transformation so that they can respond even better to the needs of their internal and external stakeholders?

Technologies are not everything in digital transformation. Behind it are always people who use them. Some are enthusiastic about the change and drive it forward. Others are more critical of this development and need to be convinced of the profound changes in the company.

To make the digital transformation a success, the rules of change management must therefore be implemented. The cultural change requires the full commitment of the top management. Digital transformation processes succeed only through active willingness to change at all levels. The necessary persuasion requires sufficient time and a good implementation plan that involves all stakeholders and demonstrates that this change is beneficial for each and every individual. Managers play an important role in this phase; they must be supported in their tasks in a variety of ways.

Digitalization allows companies to position themselves sustainably and to respond even better to the needs of their stakeholders. This requires clear communication, both internally and externally. It is the key to creating transparency and building trust as well as generating a positive response.

The effort required for digital transformation is high, the challenges of change are great, but the success promised justifies this: Digital fitness strengthens and protects a company's reputation in the long term, attracts the interest of top talent, professionals and leaders, and increases the efficiency and quality of products and services. Good reasons to get involved in this change.

Our change experts will be happy to advise you on the management and implementation of change processes.


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